Evolve or Die

I am a spiritualist sent to find my way back. I am in live with the life i am living. I love to explore the wonders of the world. I am loving being alone, I am aligning myself with the stars and sun. My name means "rising sun". I have many random topics I like to throw out there. I m not looking for many followers, only lurkers that enjoy my thoughts.

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what the fuck man

im standing still right now unable to move and its okay

ive been in a heavy meditative state for the past several months and my spirit is on fire with life and love

people who have the same fire can see my light glow and i am thankful for the time spent on me

i was told to be selfish and thats what im being

not in a negative way, but totally into me and my children

i was told to take care of me and my family

and you know what, thats what ive been doing unselfishly

some newness happened to me today, but it happens everyday im open to receive 

today, a man asked me to marry him, he said he already knew he loved me, i on the other hand smiled and looked him deep in his eyes so i can try to see his thoughts


marry you


i didnt say yes or no, i just kind of blew it off like he was joking and tried to change the subject

he asked me again, and this time he was more serious

marry you

come on now

im still healing 

he adked me a third time, with the ring in hand on one knee looking me straight in the eye without blinking

will you marry me

now, dont get your panties in a know ladies, i didnt keep the man down there on his knees, although he looked so damn cute down there like that. 

i didnt answer him for the third time, i just smiled, my eyes were filled with tears that wanted to spill from my eyes, but the tears never dropped.

my eyes answered his question and he slowly pulled himself back to a more comfrontable position in his chair

what did he do to you that made you so cold and cut off he asked me

my response was

he didnt do anything

i did 

i allowed this

you may have left me alone and unable to find my footing, but believe you me, when my feet are firmly planted again, i will stand
— Kila Ealy

shit, i dont have a title for this one

i was asked to submit some of my work and im scared as hello

this is a big deal

me sharing my writings with the world

wait  what the fuck am i scared of

i asked for this

ummm hello

submit that shit

you have a story that needs to be told

everyone has a story

tell yours

happy newness

i have been too busy with myself and the rebirth to get here and write it all down

i had a vision tonight on the way back from missing a healing session that i should have recorded the breakup  to show the real transformation i have gone thru and continue to go thru

i have gone from dark, depressed, and down to the complete opposite

i still have my bad days  dont get me wrong, i am human, but i am more better than i was then

thank goodness for the process and the transformation of me

the old me has died and i will have a funeral to signify the death of the old ways i use to live, think, and be

the new me is just starting to breath and see with a clean slate and no one to blame anything on, including myself

im learning everyday

everyday i get a new chance to choose

so today, when i was faced with a problem that presented itself, i dealt with it humbly and without fear.

i challenge the challenge and i will win in this matter, i will also allow this situation to become a learning experience for future references

Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! Man had nothing to do with Him.
— Sojourner Truth (via wearethedescendantsofstars)

Source: daughterofzami


i am happy the rush of it is over 

maybe its just me but after the gifts are open, the food is digested, and the family has gone, the energy settles and you and relax into the moment again without pressure

i changed the whole thing this year by encouraging the need to give rather than recieve

my kids usually get alot of gifts that are expensive and in many ways unnecessary and not of any value to them since they didnt have to work for it

so this year they had to buy us all gifts, and not think of themselves for once

their christmas list went from many things to one item and even that was too much pressure for me so i narrowed it down to buying them what i felt they needed and not focused in on what they wanted

this took the pressure off me as a parent to not to go overboard  and try to send all my savings on one day

and i didnt

i didnt get caught up in tryin to get everything on the list

it not only saved me money but it saved me time and took the worry away completely

i chose to and it worked out for the best for everyone

the kids loved their gifts, they ended up getting something they really wanted without realizing it and they all took time to think of someone other than themselves

that act changed our family and it made us a little stronger and it brought us alot closer

the true meaning of….


Fuck Chase. Chase is the fucking devil. Kill your accounts there and fast. Theses bitches will take your money and charge you for it, they attacked my account on some old shit that has nothing to do with me without notifing me. I shut all $ accounts down and told them to kiss my ass. My business accounts are fucked, my personal account has been targeted and im in the red on some shit that was in the past. If my accounts had been an incorporated account, thats what the bitch said, then they wouldnt have touched my shit. Chase, go kill yourself.


12 ways to tie a scarf! 


12 ways to tie a scarf! 

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